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Thank you for voting for one of these 60 charities to win a bonus $5,000 donation from FMC. The voting is now closed.

We’ll be announcing the winner soon. Watch our social media channels for the announcement.

The response to the Clean Fields, Community Yields program has been amazing. Retailers chose the local charities they wanted to receive our donation of 10¢/ac of any FMC fall herbicide sold up until October 31. And one lucky charity is going to get a $5,000 bonus cheque on top of that.

We care deeply about your community and we believe this is just the beginning of a wave of generosity from farmers, suppliers and retailers supporting local initiatives across Western Canada.

Farm in Pense, Saskatchewan

Pense Memorial Rink

Location: Pense, SK
Retailer: Hawk's Agro - Moose Jaw, Swift Current, Neville, Strongfield, Gravelbourg, Central Butte, Rouleau

The Pense Memorial Rink needs $300,000 to upgrade its piping system and re-level the ground underneath the ice. Patchwork repairs aren’t enough and the pipes need to be replaced so the arena can remain a community hub.

HALO air ambulance

HALO Air Ambulance

Location: Southern Alberta
Retailers: Agro Plus Solutions in Dunmore
Nutrien Ag Solutions Bow Island
Nutrien Ag Solutions Medicine Hat

The Palliser Health Region is an enormous 50,000 square kilometres in size, much of it farm country. It’s too big to cover by ground ambulances alone. HALO helicopters save lives but it takes $3 million per year to keep them in the air. Most of their budget is fundraised.

A girl playing in a splash park

Foremost Splash Park Landscaping

Location: Foremost, AB
Retailer: Agro Plus Holdings in Foremost

The Foremost splash park will become a favourite place for kids and their parents on hot summer days. Money from this fundraiser will go to finishing the landscaping. The park is sure to become one of the centres of the community.

Two children playing golf

Vulcan Jr. Golf

Location: Vulcan, AB
Retailer: Vulcan UFA Farm & Ranch Supply Store

Golf is great for kids. They get to practice their hand-eye coordination, they learn how to concentrate and they learn how to manage stress during competition. All this can lead to lifelong healthy exercise habits plus contribute to other sports.

A baseball mitt

Vulcan Minor Baseball

Location: Vulcan, AB
Retailer: Richardson Pioneer Vulcan South

Baseball is big in Vulcan, AB, at least the 85 kids who play over 5 different age groups think so. But it’s not cheap keeping uniforms on the kids and they have to travel for many of their games.

Blueprints for a water park

Magrath Water Slide

Location: Magrath, AB
Retailer: Richardson Pioneer Magrath

A new pool in Magrath, AB will open next summer but the town leadership wants to finish the job properly and install two giant waterslides. Community pools are an important part of town pride in Southern Alberta and the brand-new waterslides will help keep this town on the map.

The Mustard Seed in Medicine Hat, Alberta

Mustard Seed

Location: Medicine Hat, AB
Retailer: Richardson Pioneer Dunmore

The Mustard Seed has a big goal: To eliminate homelessness and reduce poverty where they serve. They provide those experiencing poverty with better access to resources that can assist them in moving towards a life of wellness and independence.

The welcome sign in Bow Island, Alberta

Kale Porteous Memorial Splash Park

Location: Bow Island, AB
Retailer: Richardson Bow Island

Kale Porteous was an 11-year-old boy with a love of agriculture and an infectious smile. He passed away in a farming accident in 2018. The community around Bow Island is fundraising to build a splash park in his memory.

An air amblulance

STARS Air Ambulance

Location: Western Canada
Retailer: Nutrien Ag Solutions

Sometimes ground ambulances aren’t fast enough. With 42,000 missions over 30+ years, STARS air ambulance have helped keep farmers and their families in Western Canada safe. Over 36% of their $70 million budget is made up of donations.

The mascot of Foam Lake composite school

Foam Lake Composite School

Location: Foam Lake, SK
Retailer: ClearView Agro

Schools are one of the first places in our towns where people will start mingling together again. The school in Foam Lake will need help. It’s a proud institution that in previous years has run lots of extra-curricular activities.

The logo of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association

Canadian Agricultural Safety Association

Retailer: CashChem

A job can go wrong so quickly in agriculture, especially during harvest when big machinery is moving and operators are pushing themselves through long days and late nights. CASA helps us reduce risk by thinking ahead and setting up safe procedures. They also train farmers and rural firefighters how to react when the unexpected happens.

The welcome sign to Invermay municipality

Invermay Community Municipal Council (I.C.M.C).

Location: Invermay, SK
Retailer: ClearView Agro

The ICMC supports many different community groups. Invermay is an important centre of life in eastern Saskatchewan. Local fundraising supports many worthy causes, including the Invermay Agricultural Society, the school and the Invermay Fair.

The logo for Foothills 4H Club

Foothills 4H

Location: Pincher Creek, AB
Retailer: Pincher Creek Coop

4-H has quietly evolved into a dynamic program whose projects encompass everything from active living, arts, science and technology, crafts, cooking, agriculture and more. Even with covid lockdowns, 4H is continuing to reach out to urban and rural children, helping to mould the next generation of advocates for agriculture.

The Balcarres and rural fire department crest

Balcarres and Rural Fire Department

Location: Balcarres, SK
Retailer: Blair’s Family of Companies
Synergy Ag – Balcarres

Volunteer firefighters drop everything when an alarm goes off not knowing exactly what they’ll face when they arrive at the call. It’s good for all of us when they have good equipment to face the unknown. The Balcarres volunteer fire department recently purchased a new truck and they need help outfitting the vehicle with the right equipment.

The Swift Current community centre

The Centre - Swift Current Community Youth Initiative

Location: Swift Current, SK
Retailer: SWT Wymark

Only one in five at-risk youth will seek help. The Swift Current Community Youth Initiative makes youth related resources, programs, and counselling readily available, affordable, and easily accessible.

Rush Lake

Rush Lake Community Recreation Board

Location: Rush Lake, SK
Retailer: Richardson Pioneer Reed Lake

Rush Lake is a village with a lot of heart and the Rush Lake Community Recreation Board helps keep the heart beating strong. The Board helps fundraise for the community rink and events. Every community needs a strong and motivated organization like the one in Rush Lake.

Children from Herbert Community Preschool

Herbert Community Preschool

Location: Herbert, SK
Retailer: Nutrien Morse

The preschool years are crucial in a child’s development. The Herbert Community Preschool opens the world up to the children of Herbert and surrounding communities.

A word cloud for Kincaid School community

Kincaid School Community Council

Location: Kincaid, SK
Retailer: SWT Hazenmore

This is proving to be a challenging year in most schools. In the past, the Kincaid Central School Community Council has done a lot for the school including organizing adult volunteers, helping run a breakfast cart and doing other school improvements.

Notukeu Regional Park Pool

Notukeu Regional Park Pool Fundraiser

Location: Ponteix, SK
Retailer: Nutrien Kincaid

The Ponteix Swimming Pool is currently raising funds to renovate and upgrade their current facilities, including pool, decking, and change rooms. The pool, originally constructed nearly 50 years ago, has been a hub of activity during the summer months.

Agriculture for life

Agriculture for Life

Location: Alberta
Retailer: UFA Lethbridge

Agriculture for Life builds a greater understanding and appreciation of ag and its fundamental connection to life. They have provided over $1 million to develop and deliver hands-on education projects with schools, non-profits and community and agricultural associations that serve youth across Alberta.

Rosthern Agricultural Society

Rosthern Agricultural Society

Rosthern, SK
Retailer: Blair’s Rosthern

For over 100 years the Rosthern Ag Society has promoted agriculture. Their signature event is the Town and Country Fair at the end of July. We missed 2020 due to covid but let's see the event come back even stronger in 2021.

Prince Albert Regional 4-H Beef Show and Sale

Prince Albert Regional 4-H Beef Show and Sale

Location: Prince Albert, SK
Retailer: Lake Country Coop

The Prince Albert Regional Beef Show and Sale in June is one of the highlights of the year for surrounding 4H clubs. The 4Hers start the animals as early as October. Funds will go to support the show in 2021.

Canadian Mental Health Association Southeast

Canadian Mental Health Association Southeast

Location: Southeast Alberta
Retailer: South Country Coop Medicine Hat

CMHA ASER provides mental health promotion and prevention programs through educational presentations, training, suicide prevention and intervention training, psycho-educational support groups, advocacy and social action.

Abbey Business and Community Centre

Abbey Business and Community Centre

Location: Abbey, SK
Retailer: SWT Cabri

The Abbey Business and Community Centre is the hub of social, recreation and education events and programs for Abbey, SK and area. Residents can drop into the library, workout in the fitness room, shop at the thrift store and use the kitchen and meeting rooms. Volunteers keep this building alive and humming for use for community fundraisers and meetings and children’s programs.

Airdrie Food Bank

Airdrie Food Bank

Location: Airdrie, AB
Retailer: UFA Airdrie

The Airdrie Food Bank feeds those who can't afford to buy groceries. Donations from Clean Fields, Community Yields will support their Snack Attack program -- an emergency snack, breakfast and lunch program offered in 22 area schools. The schools place an order and volunteers deliver the food.

Ceylon Regional Park

Ceylon Regional Park

Location: Ceylon, SK
Retailer: Pulses Plus - Ceylon

The Ceylon Regional Park is a small, well-treed campground built near a dam and reservoir. It has 34 sites and is open from May to September with swimming, a ball diamond, a concession stand, fire pits… basically everything a family needs for a great getaway. Unfortunately, covid restrictions hit the campground’s finances hard and it needs help.

New arena for Assiniboia

New arena for Assiniboia

Location: Assiniboia, SK
Retailer: Nutrien Ag Solutions – Assiniboia

Assiniboia needs a new arena and the Assiniboia Civic Improvement Association has been fundraising to make that happen. The property just north of the modern Prince of Wales Cultural and Recreation Centre has been purchased and is waiting to become the home of the new arena.

Consort Community Pool

Consort Community Pool Association

Location: Consort, AB
Retailer: Westview Coop - Consort

Volunteers with the Consort Community Pool Association know that the heart of Consort is the pool. And the association is well on its way to presenting Consort with a brand-new pool that will inject new life into the community.

Dauphin and District Community Foundation

Dauphin and District Community Foundation

Location: Dauphin, MB
Retailer: Gilbert Plains Coop

The Dauphin and District Community Foundation allows people to give back to their community. Gifts are held in a permanent endowment fund with interest income from the fund used to support local initiatives. Funds raised through Clean Fields, Community Yields will be dedicated to enhancing youth-related projects in the community.

The Do More Agriculture Foundation

Do More Ag

Location: Nationwide
Retailer: UFA High River

Do More Ag is a not-for-profit organization focused on mental health in agriculture. They are champions for the mental wellbeing of all Canadian producers and are changing the culture of agriculture to one where all producers are encouraged, supported and empowered to take care of their mental wellbeing.

École régionale Notre-Dame

École régionale Notre-Dame

Location: Lourdes, MB
Retailer: Pembina Co-op

The École régionale Notre-Dame is a French-speaking K-12 school serving the area around Lourdes. A new, safe and accessible play structure is needed as the current structure is over 20 years old.

The city of Gravelbourg

Gravelbourg Cares Shuttle

Location: Gravelbourg, SK
Retailer: Nutrien Ag Solutions - Gravelbourg

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to be able to drive ourselves and our loved ones to appointments, especially when someone is sick. The Gravelbourg Cares Shuttle helps families and people in need. It’s a scheduled shuttle service operated by volunteers for people in the community needing to travel out of town for medical and wellness appointments.

Gull Lake and District Recreation Complex

Gull Lake and District Recreation Complex

Location: Gull Lake, SK
Retailer: SWT - Gull Lake

The Gull Lake Recreation Complex is a place that is near and dear to the hearts of the staff at SWT Gull Lake. Several staff members grew up playing hockey in the rink, just like their kids do now. With COVID, funding for the ring may be reduced significantly. The staff of SWT Gull Lake want to help with the installation and maintenance of the ice for 2020/2021.

Hanna Junior Curling Club

Hanna Junior Curling Club

Location: Hanna, AB
Retailer: Westview Coop
Fox Lake Agro – Hanna

Curling is great for kids. If they’re brought into the sport properly it will remain a place of lifelong enjoyment, friendships and physical fitness. Our donation will help provide ice time and instruction for the next generation of curlers.

Imperial and District Ambulance

Imperial and District Ambulance

Location: Imperial, SK
Retailer: Richardson Pioneer - Imperial

Imperial & District Ambulance Inc. operates a provincially licensed ambulance service contracted through the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Two fully equipped ambulances provide 24/7 basic life support with some advanced pre-hospital care.

Liberty Fire Department

Liberty Fire Department

Location: Liberty, SK
Retailer: Blair’s Crop Solutions - Liberty

Volunteer firefighters are the unsung heroes of rural Canada. This volunteer fire department is raising funds to upgrade the pumps and replace hoses on their trucks.

Limerick and District Fire Association

Limerick and District Fire Association

Location: Limerick, Sk
Retailer: Grassroots Coop - Limerick

This local volunteer fire department is made up mostly of farmers. They’re often the first to arrive on the scene for medical emergencies and, of course, to fight fires. Like all volunteer fire departments they need help replacing equipment and paying for training.

Loreburn Recreation Board

Loreburn Recreation Board

Location: Loreburn, SK
Retailer: Nutrien Ag Solutions – Strongfield

Loreburn is a vibrant town in the heart of southern Saskatchewan. Loreburn Recreation Board is involved in the upkeep of the recreational facilities in the town including upgrades, maintenance and hosting community events.

Milestone Memorial Centre

Milestone Memorial Centre

Location: Milestone, SK
Retailer: Regro – Milestone

The Milestone Memorial Centre is an active facility with a modern canteen, dressing rooms and huge warm lobby. The arena has artificial ice so the season starts in early November and runs till mid-March. Covid restrictions have been hard on the financial health of many arenas in rural Canada and Milestone is no different.

Old Wives 4H Club

Old Wives 4H Club

Location: Moose Jaw, SK
Retailer: Moose Jaw Co-op – Prairie Plains

We all know what 4H Clubs mean to the kids who are in the program. 4H might be the most important development league for future farmers. The health of our industry depends on organizations like the Old Wives 4H Club.

Rockglen 4H Club

Rockglen 4H Club

Location: Rockglen, SK
Retailer: Paterson - Assiniboia

Volunteers with 4H Clubs have been teaching and mentoring young people in Saskatchewan for over 100 years. Many of us who work in agriculture are graduates of 4H Clubs. If you’re not able to volunteer 4H Clubs can also use financial help to weather these covid times.

Southwest Crisis Services

Southwest Crisis Services

Location: Swift Current, SK
Retailer: Nutrien Ag Solutions – Swift Current

Southwest Crisis Services is a non-profit, community-based organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. Located in Swift Current, Southwest Crisis Services serves the entire southwest corner of Saskatchewan.

Strasbourg Community Recreation Centre

Strasbourg Community Recreation Centre

Location: Strasbourg, SK
Retailer: Richardson Pioneer - Southern & Strasbourg
SynergyAg - Govan

The Strasbourg Recreation Centre is home to Strasbourg Maroons Hockey and the curling rink. The Centre has artificial ice, a lunch counter and heated bleachers in the hockey rink area. It’s worked well but it was built in 1976 and the roof needs to be replaced.

Watrous Elementary School

Watrous Elementary School

Location: Watrous, SK
Retailer: Blair’s Family of Companies – Watrous

Every kid loves recess. And every kid loves recess even more when there’s a brand-new playground to play on. The staff and teachers at Watrous Elementary School have been serving the community well for many years and they’ve been working hard to raise funds to rebuild the playground.

Watrous Elementary School

Yellow Grass Fire Department

Location: Yellow Grass, SK
Retailer: Super Seed Inc., Yellow Grass

Yellow Grass Fire Rescue is a volunteer group of men and women that serve the Town of Yellow Grass and surrounding area. They rely on fundraising to replace equipment and for training for the brave volunteers who commit so much time to the department.

Macrorie Fire Hall

Macrorie Fire Hall

Location: Macrorie, SK
Retailer: Nutrien Ag Solutions – Outlook

Macrorie, SK has a brand-new fire hall but that’s just part of the plan to upgrade the local fire department. It’s expensive to fill a building with the right equipment to keep volunteer fire fighters safe and fundraising is needed to fill the gaps.

Little Prairie Daycare

Little Prairie Daycare

Location: Lucky Lake, SK
Retailer: Nutrien Ag Solutions – Lucky Lake

Little Prairie Daycare is Lucky Lake and area’s soon-to-be licensed not-for-profit childcare facility. It’s a much-needed service for the area. Early childhood education is an important component in development and the availability of quality daycare will help attract and keep families in Lucky Lake.

Valleyview Golf Course

Valleyview Golf Course

Location: Delisle, SK
Retailer: Nutrien Ag Solutions – Delisle

Operating a golf course is an expensive proposition but it can be a treasured jewel in a Prairie town. A good golf course can attract local investment and be a source of pride. Supporting a course like Valleyview is a way to keep Delisle a healthy and prosperous town.

West Central Crisis Centre

West Central Crisis Centre

Location: Kindersley, SK
Retailer: Nutrien Ag Solutions – Kindersley

The West Central Crisis & Family Support Centre in Kindersley has been supporting area residents since 1984. Its mission is to provide support services to individuals and families experiencing violence and crisis in their lives, as well as outreach programs to communities in its boundaries.

AGT Community Centre

AGT Community Centre

Location: Eston, SK
Retailer: Nutrien Ag Solutions – Eston

The AGT Community Centre is one of the centres of sport and community life in Eston. Whether it’s the curling rink, the arena, the bowling alley or the community hall that seats 300 people, the facility is well-used by the public.

Rosetown Food Bank

Rosetown Food Bank

Location: Rosetown, SK
Retailer: Nutrien Ag Solutions – Rosetown

A food bank is one of the most basic charities. No one wants to see their neighbour suffering and a food bank is where a community comes together to help the least fortunate. Since 2003, the Rosetown and District Food Bank has had strong support from the community of Rosetown and surrounding areas.

Eaton School Outdoor Classroom Project

Eaton School Outdoor Classroom Project

Location: Eatonia, SK
Retailer: Nurtien Ag Solutions – Eatonia

A survey in 2017 found that 60 per cent of students at Eaton School learn best when they are outdoors. So the school decided to build the Spartan Outdoor Space so teachers could take children outside to learn. Community members and local businesses donated money and labour to make the project come to life.

Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba

Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba

Location: Manitoba
Retailer: Cargill – MB South

Everyone can get behind fundraising for a children’s hospital. The relationship with the hospital and the nurses and doctors who work there becomes deeply personal for families who receive care. One of the main goals of the Foundation is to raise money to build a new children’s heart centre for Manitoba.

Hockey Regina

Hockey Regina

Location: Regina, SK
Retailer: Synergy AG – Lewvan

Almost every hockey association across Canada is trying to figure out how to manage through COVID-19 restrictions. Should there be fewer kids on the ice? Are parents allowed to spectate? What about cleaning dressing rooms between games? Hockey Regina could use help navigating these times.

Carbon Ag Society

Carbon Ag Society

Location: Drumheller, AB
Retailer: Westview Coop – Horseshoe Canyon

The Carbon Ag Society supports agriculture initiatives locally. They provide scholarships and help local 4-H Clubs. They also run the curling rink and an archery range in the off-season. Fundraising helps keep this volunteer organization running.

Torrington & District Ag Society

Torrington & District Ag Society

Location: Torrington, AB
Retailer: Core Ag Inputs - Torrington

The Torrington & District Agricultural Society operates and maintains the Ron Gorr Memorial Arena which was built in 1978. The Society is a non-profit organization and facilities are expensive to manage.

Wynyard Kinettes

Wynyard Kinettes

Location: Wynyard, SK
Retailer: Wynyard Co-op

The Wynyard Kinettes fundraise for the Wynyard Composite High School and Wynyard Elementary School lunch program, which provides nutritious meals to students throughout the year.

Canadian Mental Health Association

Canadian Mental Health Association

Location: Nationwide
Retailer: Prairie Giants - Inglis, MB

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is the most established, most extensive community mental health organization in Canada. Through a presence in more than 330 communities across Canada, CMHA provides advocacy, programs and resources that help to prevent mental health problems and illnesses, support recovery and resilience, and enable all Canadians to flourish and thrive.

MacNutt Community Centre

MacNutt Community Centre

Location: MacNutt, SK
Retailer: Sharpe’s Crop Service

Built in 1967, the MacNutt Community Centre roof covers three curling sheets, a full-size hockey arena and a hall and reception room. That roof has given over 50 years of service to the community and it’s tired and is leaking in a number of spots. The community is fundraising now to resurface the roof.

Langenburg Swimming Pool

Langenburg Swimming Pool

Location: Langenburg, SK
Retailer: Sharpe’s Crop Service

The Langenburg Swimming Pool has been a much-loved and well-used centre of the community since the 1970s. Construction has already begun on a new, bigger pool that should deliver another 50 years of fun for Langenburg.

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